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I am a carnivorous plant grower based out of Turlock, California.  I began this hobby in 2017 and have gathered plenty of knowledge, through online research and personal involvements in carnivorous club plant events, from the Bay Area to Southern California.  Through trial and error, many lessons and experiences have been gained in this carnivorous plant growing journey.   I am a passionate and dedicated hobbyist that takes pride in all of my plant growing ventures.  I was instantly attracted to these plants because of their unique ability to "consume" bugs and insects.  It's probably the closest thing that one can refer to as a "plant pet".  With all of that being said, you can be assured of high qualitative plants when purchasing from me.  I come from a landscape and lawn care business background.  I am still active in the lawn care industry and love every aspect of it.  One of my favorite things to do after work though, is spending time and attending to these magnificent plants.  Perhaps some of my landscape background has been a contributing factor to my "green thumb" and passion for plants.  Currently, I grow select carnivorous plants indoors and outdoors year round. My hope is to grow and share these predatory plants because they are truly remarkable, in regard to plant appearance and functionality.    Thank you for visiting my web page and happy growing!


Byblis plants endemic to Australian territories

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